Top ten games for your Kindle Fire


You just bought brand new shiny Amazon Kindle Fire and wondering what kind of games you can play on your new tablet. Here are top Ten Kindle fire games you may consider buying in your Kindle Fire App store.

  1. Contract Killer (Free) – In this game you have to accept your mission. Choose from 20 weapons available in the game. To win you need to steady your scope and claim your targets with a first person shooter who has great looks.
  2. Dead Space ($6.99) – In this game you can see a new version of EA’s . Dead Space game has intuitive touch controls and amazing 3D graphics.
  3. Angry birds ($0.99) – These angry birds are on a mission to get their eggs back from the nasty pigs. These tiny creatures are willing to destroy anything in their way to achieve, which is truly theirs and are fully prepared with arms and ammunition.
  4. Plants vs. zombies ($2.99) – It is one of the most interesting games of Kindle Fire. It is a deep tower defense game which is a combination of your love for flora and fear of the zombie apocalypse.
  5. Cut the Rope ($0.99) – Solve this one more interesting puzzle. In this game do not trap yourself in the cuteness. It is a challenging game which will keep you on your toes as you will make your ways by passing level after level to get Om Nom his Candy.
  6. Fruit Ninja ($0.99) – In this game you have to perform like a skilled swordsman who hates nature’s sweet delights. Find out your way through levels by cutting through fruit to get the highest combos and best scores.
  7. Peggle ($2.99) – This game is addictive and also challenging. You can not stop yourself playing this game again and again. Here Peggle takes pachinko to a whole new level with countless hours of game play.
  8. Bejeweled ($2.99) – Keep playing this intense and frantic item matching game as it puts against the clock as you try to link a ton of combos to grab the highest score before time runs out.
  9. Worms ($1.99) – In this game you have to perform like a army leader. Take a control of your army worms to destroy your enemies with the help of weapons, tools and tactics.
  10. Battleheart ($2.99) – Don’t miss this party. You can participate fully and have a fun. While playing this game you can get the experience of real time battles and enjoy this game by putting yourself in a variety of character classes.


Let us know which game you downloaded and  what are your likes and dislikes about it in comments section bellow.


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