Amazon Kindle Fire Wi-Fi and Internet Access Issues


Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Users have complained about the accessing of Wi-Fi networks and Internet Access Issues. According to the report some Kindle Fire owners are not able to connect to their Wi-Fi networks, while others have complain that they are able to connect to their routers but are not able to access the Internet. The users of Kindle Fire seems frustrated while describing this problem.

A user of Kindle Fire said that, “my Kindle Fire is not connecting to my network either. It recognizes my router but once I enter the security key it attempts to connect and fails.” The other user have complained that “I Have just opened Kindle Fire. I Can connect to Wi-Fi but Internet is not working. All other wireless devices in home are working fine connecting to Internet.”

In this way Kindle Fire owners are expressing their problems as they are not able to work properly. Among all other complains, one complain is about Amazon’s customer support. As per this complain one person spoke in the customer care about this issue and then he got the assurance of resolving this matter in few hours, the customer care executive promised him to email or call back but neither he kept his promise nor followed up to solve customer’s issue.

Some users of Kindle Fire who have installed 6.1 update via a USB port and rebooted their routers are able to get online. Many users are able to fix the problem by installing the latest software version 6.2 update. Kindle Fire users who are continue to have trouble connecting after installing version 6.1 may try the new 6.2 update, as Amazon has mentioned that this latest software upgrade provides “improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire.”

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